A photo of a blooming quince tree with the words "What Brings You Joy?"

Joy Inspired Phone Cases

Your next favourite iPhone case! Custom designed using my nature photography.

I am very picky when it comes to phone cases.  I couldn’t find one that I wanted so I designed my own.  Using my absolute favourite nature photographs and a top-quality case, I designed a phone case that I absolutely love… and you will too!

Joy Inspired Blog

Beautiful image of trees changing colour in the fall

The Joy of Fall

I have always loved the fall. The trees changing colour, cooler days bringing relief from humid summer temps, and the brilliant blue sky that is the hallmark of many fall days here in Nova Scotia.

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Sun rising over the marsh in Lawrencetown, NS

Conditional Joy

It is easy to be happy when I am doing all of these great things and laughing with friends and family. But am I happy when the “conditions” are not as exciting?

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One of the beautiful coves at Carters Beach, Nova Scotia

Toes in the sand

Yesterday I spent the day with friends, doing a lot of nothing and a bit of something all day long. It was a typical summer day of frolicking, the kind of day that is easy and carefree.

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A photo of a blooming quince tree with the words "What Brings You Joy?"

A Moment of Joy Each Day

Remember when Oprah told us about keeping a gratitude journal? For me, finding a moment of joy each and every day is kind of like that. It helps me feel good. I focus on that moment and I feel grateful for it.

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A photo of my shed that needs to be painted

Do you should all over yourself?

I was very fortunate to take Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® certification training a few years ago. One of my biggest takeaways was hearing Louise say “Don’t should all over yourself.”

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