A photo of a blooming quince tree with the words "What Brings You Joy?"

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Sun rising over the marsh in Lawrencetown, NS

Conditional Joy

It is easy to be happy when I am doing all of these great things and laughing with friends and family. But am I happy when the “conditions” are not as exciting?

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A photo of someone having a really good belly laugh

Laughter Really Is Contagious

You know those times. When you laugh and laugh, and after a bit you’re not sure what cracked you up in the first place… but you’re still laughing and feeling good?

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One of the beautiful coves at Carters Beach, Nova Scotia

Toes in the sand

Yesterday I spent the day with friends, doing a lot of nothing and a bit of something all day long. It was a typical summer day of frolicking, the kind of day that is easy and carefree.

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A photo of a blooming quince tree with the words "What Brings You Joy?"

A Moment of Joy Each Day

Remember when Oprah told us about keeping a gratitude journal? For me, finding a moment of joy each and every day is kind of like that. It helps me feel good. I focus on that moment and I feel grateful for it.

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A photo of my shed that needs to be painted

Do you should all over yourself?

I was very fortunate to take Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® certification training a few years ago. One of my biggest takeaways was hearing Louise say “Don’t should all over yourself.”

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Hello!  I’m Shannon. Entrepreneur, coach, consultant.  Animal lover, joy seeker, life-long learner.  I live in a gorgeous seaside town in Nova Scotia where I take long walks on the beach, bask in sunrise and sunset, find joy in nature and get into the ocean as often as I can.

I created this space for us to connect, knowing it will always be positive.  It is a place to share, learn something new and to inspire more joy in our lives.  

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