A Moment of Joy Each Day

A photo of a blooming quince tree with the words "What Brings You Joy?"

Remember when Oprah told us about keeping a gratitude journal? For me, finding a moment of joy each and every day is kind of like that. It helps me feel good. I focus on that moment and I feel grateful for it. In that moment I am happy, even if I am profoundly sad too.

I grew into a little nugget of wisdom that perhaps comes with age. Or maybe I was just slow with this particular lesson – it’s okay for us to feel sad and to feel happy at the same time. In fact, when we’re going through difficult times I would go as far as to say it is crucial to seek out things that help us feel joy.

Kinda like laughing at a funeral. We gather together to grieve, and yet the most helpful part of the day is having a little laugh with people who also cared about our loved one.

Have you ever gone through an entire Monday to Friday and wondered where the time went? Do you save your fun for weekends only? Or worse… do you wait for big plans or vacations before unleashing the good times?

A few years ago I started paying attention to when I was feeling joyful. Guess what? It wasn’t often enough. So I started doing something each day that brought me joy.

At first I exhausted myself looking for big things – a fabulous meal, taking a new adventure – but then I relaxed into a different understanding. Making my morning coffee in my absolute favourite mug and sitting down to watch the changing colours of dawn brought me joy. Going for my daily walk at sunset brought me joy. Taking a nice bath and settling in to watch Netflix brought me joy.

The trick is to notice the joy as it is happening. To savour it. To feel grateful for it.

And that my friends, is how I embraced my very own form of daily meditation.

My Instagram page is called JoyFilledMoments and I post my favourite moments on there. Not each daily coffee, but I will say there are a lot of sunset photos! I’ll also confess that it takes every ounce of self-control to stop myself from posting all the joy filled moments when my cats make me laugh. Perhaps a separate page for them is needed?

One glance at my IG and you’d think I somehow drew the magic straw that makes my life nothing but wonderful. I’m not a unicorn. I go through the same struggles that all of us do in life, but my Joy Filled Moments are a daily reminder of what’s good, and what I am grateful for.

Do you like this idea? Perhaps you want to post and reflect on your moments as well? On Instagram I follow the hashtag #joyfilledmoments and would love to see what makes you smile each day.

On Facebook I created a page called Joy Filled Moments as well, and you can post directly on there. A Facebook page filled with positivity is my kind of page these days. 

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