Bodyboarding in Santa Theresa, Costa Rica
Head shot of Shannon Farris

Hello!  I’m Shannon. 

Entrepreneur, coach, consultant.  Animal lover, joy seeker, life-long learner.  I live in a gorgeous seaside town in Nova Scotia where I take long walks on the beach, bask in sunrise and sunset, find joy in nature and get into the ocean as often as I can.

Once an Entrepreneur who owned and operated a wellness clinic, I am now focused on sharing knowledge with others.  I enjoy helping people reach their personal and business goals with renewed passion, a sense of ease and dare I say, with a little joy in the process. 


I grew up in a very small town in Nova Scotia where I spent my days playing outdoors and knowing everyone.  When I was a teenager I joined army cadets and it was an experience that shaped the rest of my life.  I learned leadership skills and discipline, I got to travel to other parts of the country and I was always meeting new people.  I believe that experience gave me the courage to forever try new things.

I have worked and lived in Florida, Ontario, Alberta, The Bahamas, Italy and Nova Scotia.  I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel and explore many parts of this world on wonderful vacations over the years, and now I’ve settled into a quiet phase of my life with plenty of work-life balance and finding joy in every day.

You will find me taking walks on the beach, basking in the sun and the moon, playing with my adorable cats, porch sitting with a good coffee, taking a zillion photos on my iPhone and catching waves as often as I can.