Beautiful image of trees changing colour in the fall

The Joy of Fall

I have always loved the fall. The trees changing colour, cooler days bringing relief from humid summer temps, and the brilliant blue sky that is the hallmark of many fall days here in Nova Scotia.

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Sun rising over the marsh in Lawrencetown, NS

Conditional Joy

It is easy to be happy when I am doing all of these great things and laughing with friends and family. But am I happy when the “conditions” are not as exciting?

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A photo of someone having a really good belly laugh

Laughter Really Is Contagious

You know those times. When you laugh and laugh, and after a bit you’re not sure what cracked you up in the first place… but you’re still laughing and feeling good?

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One of the beautiful coves at Carters Beach, Nova Scotia

Toes in the sand

Yesterday I spent the day with friends, doing a lot of nothing and a bit of something all day long. It was a typical summer day of frolicking, the kind of day that is easy and carefree.

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A photo of a blooming quince tree with the words "What Brings You Joy?"

A Moment of Joy Each Day

Remember when Oprah told us about keeping a gratitude journal? For me, finding a moment of joy each and every day is kind of like that. It helps me feel good. I focus on that moment and I feel grateful for it.

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A photo of my shed that needs to be painted

Do you should all over yourself?

I was very fortunate to take Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® certification training a few years ago. One of my biggest takeaways was hearing Louise say “Don’t should all over yourself.”

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View of a fresh spring snowfall from my desk window

What steals your joy?

It’s Spring in Nova Scotia. An earlier blog post reflected on the optimistic feelings this season brings & how nice it is to open the windows and put out patio furniture. Guess what? It snowed last night… AND those things are still true.

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Watching the full moon rise at the beach

If I only knew…

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said this over the years! I can honestly say that I have stopped wasting time suffering over “what ifs” – what if I did that differently, what if I said this instead? – but I do still spend time reflecting on my thoughts

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Windows open on a Spring day, breeze flowing in, plants on the windowsill.

The Windows Are Open

Ahhh… it’s a Spring day and I have my windows open. How I love this time of year!It’s porch sittin’ time people – the birds are chirping and it’s cozy with my coffee and a blanket.

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Photos of my cats, Ty and Jersey

Rescue animals are the best!

When you post about dogs it’s respected and adorable. When you post about your cats you get labeled a “crazy cat lady.” While I used to take offence to the slight, I now fully embrace it – I am crazy for cats! They are adorable, loving, hysterical and smart.

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Pheasant in the driveway

The day a pheasant knocked on my door…

I’ll never forget this day! I was sitting at my desk at home and I heard someone come up the front steps and faintly knock on the door. When I got up to check, there was a pheasant sitting on my front porch! He gave me a quick nod

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Sun setting over a frozen lake in the winter

Baby it’s cold outside.

It is SOOOOO cold outside today! Regardless, I still caught a moment of joy in this evening’s sunset. Sunrise & sunset are my favourite times of day, and so when the sky is clear I make a point of putting myself in the right place at the right time.

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The full moon rising over the marsh beside Conrad Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

Full Moon Rising

Every month here in Nova Scotia, we get to enjoy something incredible. On the evening the full moon rises, sunset happens at the same time. Whenever the weather is clear for viewing, I head to my favourite spots in Lawrencetown

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