Conditional Joy

Sun rising over the marsh in Lawrencetown, NS

I am having a great summer. Lots of beach time, fun surf, road trips, lovely food, campfires, paddle boarding, visits with loved ones. It is easy to be happy when I am doing all of these great things and laughing with friends and family. 

But am I happy when the “conditions” are not as exciting? I’m not talking about when I am going through one of life’s difficult times. For this discussion I am talking about life’s everyday moments…

When I am hanging out at home. Mowing the lawn. Doing the dishes. Cleaning the floors. Running errands. Working on projects.  

Like I said, it’s EASY to be happy when the sun is shining and you’re at the beach. But can we still be happy if the fog rolls in? Or when we wake up to a rainy day?

Unconditional happiness is a wonderful goal, but life happens and it’s not all sunshine and roses baby! So my thought today is… let’s pay close attention to the things in life that lift our mood, and do more of that.

It sounds simple. And it is.

Let’s do more of what makes us feel good.

And so while I am on the path to enlightenment and total unconditional bliss (smile), I will continue to create the kind of conditions that I know help me feel great in the meantime.

It can be as simple as making a great cup of coffee and sitting on the porch.  Going for a walk on the beach. Or picking up the phone and calling someone for a little chat instead of sending a text. We can use conditional happiness to jumpstart feelings of well-being. 

It’s a smart strategy. 🙂

I hope you are having a fun summer sprinkled with plenty of joy filled moments.  And for the moments in between, I wish us all feelings of contentment and ease. 

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