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Hello fellow Canadians!  Make this your next phone case and always be reminded of your roots.  I took this photo during a fall sunrise and it is definitely one of my favourites.  

About the design:

Your phone cover will be unique and special, no stock photography here! I love being surrounded by nature and I took this photo as I walked the trail at Crystal Crescent Beach in Nova Scotia. Each time you look at your phone case and this beautiful scene it will make you smile and you’ll be reminded to find your joy today!

About the case:

The Case Mate Tough is a premium case that is extremely durable and will protect your phone in every situation. The custom printing on these phone cases is exceptional! It wraps all around the phone to the sides, giving your phone a seamless sleek look.

I did the research and selected this case for my custom designs because it looks fantastic, but it also provides the protection I need. I like the bumper on this case because it is a bit higher than my other cases and offers more protection from scratches. It blends in beautifully with my phone and doesn’t make it look big and bulky. The back of the case is not slippery!  This is very important to me, I am always taking pictures and holding my phone and I don’t want it to slip out of my hands.

I have gone through several phone cases, and I have to say this one really impresses me.  It protects my iPhone and it looks and feels great. Choose a design and pick-up your next (and best) phone case today!

  • Extremely strong non-slip plastic
  • Rubber liner and inside plate
  • Impact resistant, durable
  • Great bumper to keep the front protected
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Beautiful custom design and high-quality printing

Additional information:

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  • Shipped from the US
  • Custom print to order, allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping
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