The Joy of Fall

Beautiful image of trees changing colour in the fall

I have always loved the fall. The trees changing colour, cooler days bringing relief from humid summer temps, and the brilliant blue sky that is the hallmark of many fall days here in Nova Scotia.

I also love the fall because it brings change. I am one of those people who loves change… I know, call me weird. I love a break in pattern, and it’s nice when it comes with subtle little differences to ease us in. Can you imagine if we went straight from summer to winter? Swimming on a hot summer day to shovelling snow and below freezing the next day?

That is the beauty of fall, especially where I live. September brings days with breaths of cooler air when you look forward to putting on a light sweater, but gorgeous summer days are still in the mix too. There is nothing I enjoy more than hitting the beach in September, soaking up the sun and the ocean every minute possible… in case “this is the last hot day of the year.” There is a lesson in there I’m sure, about remembering to enjoy every beach day as if it were your last. 🙂

Then comes October and we’re prepared for cooler evenings, putting on a fire for the first time, and walking through crunchy leaves that have fallen to the ground. I admit that in the past my favourite month of the year was September, but I gave myself the goal of discovering what is great about October this year… and I found what that is for me.

Walking in the woods. I love it!  Brilliant colours of red, yellow, orange and green. Leaves on the ground. The delicious smell. The quiet that comes when you are sheltered from the noise of the world beyond the forest. October will forevermore be the month I walk in the woods as much as I possibly can.

I started small with a little woods trail at the beginning of the road I live on. One day when I was driving by I pulled over and sauntered around for a few minutes. Honestly, that’s all it took to inspire me. Maybe there is a little spot near you that you’ve been meaning to stop at too.

After I got my first taste of being in the woods again I looked up other walking trails near me. I picked a couple of easy ones and instead of walking the beach I chose one of the trails instead. Before long I found myself downloading the app called “AllTrails” on my phone, I bought a day pack, put on proper hiking shoes and started carving out 2-4 hours of hiking time with a good friend. We had a really fun month of exploring on our days off.

What do you look forward to about fall? Instead of being sad that summer is over, is there something you truly enjoy doing in this season? Sometimes we just need a reminder that joy doesn’t always show up at our doorstep… most times we have to look for it, choose it, be a bit more deliberate about it.

As we head into November, I wonder what will become my favourite thing about this month of the year?

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