Toes in the sand

One of the beautiful coves at Carters Beach, Nova Scotia

If you know me, you know I absolutely love the beach.  If my toes are in the sand it is definitely a Joy Filled Moment.

Yesterday I spent the day with friends, doing a lot of nothing and a bit of something all day long. It was a typical summer day of frolicking, the kind of day that is easy and carefree.  

A little drive, a garden centre (because I can’t pass one), a bakery (because my friend can’t pass one), lunch at a favourite spot next to the ocean, beach walks, braving the cold ocean water of Nova Scotia and sitting around laughing with friends.  

And country classics on the radio for the drive home.  

I have had days like that hundreds of times and it never gets old.  

I love big vacations and special outings that come along once in awhile, but yesterday reminded me how much I treasure a little day trip.

Do you have a simple summer excursion in your future?

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